Deep Resilience (Part 2)

Deep Resilience teaches us how to Spring Back Gracefully from Anything!

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The art of ‘Deep Resilience’ is knowing what you can do and what you need to do on a daily basis to hold your own stability and grounded balance. It allows you to flourish and thrive in today’s challenging environment. It enables you to gracefully spring back from anything!  It truly is harder to feel calm and grounded these days. This is because the ground is actually losing its own magnetic charge! This is due to the toxicity of electromagnetic pollution through cell phone and internet tower frequency waves.

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The Magic of Deep Healing

click image to enlarge Soul Truth by Ingrid Cryns

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Soul Truth by Ingrid Cryns 

Have you been in talk therapy for several years, going over the same stories over and over again and not feeling like you are really changing? You might be ready for a deeper level of healing that goes beyond mind psychotherapy or solo consciousness work. When the body, energy and the magical world of spiritual healing is included, dramatic shifts in reality and core healing can truly occur.

Talk therapy can be very helpful in allowing you to understand yourself and to integrate what is unconscious, conscious. The more we can be aware of what might be our hidden motives or deep wounds underneath a surface emotion or even a somatized body symptom, the more we are likely to be able to address the core of an issue to heal it permanently.

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What Is Bioenergetics or Somatic Relational Psychotherapy?

Reich BookWelcome to Building Soul! You might be asking… Soma – what?  You may recall this term from the name of the drink that was used to put masses of people into a subdued and controllable altered state in the book, “Brave New World ” (1931) by Aldous Huxley.

The actual origins of the term ‘soma’ is from the Greek or Latin root of the word ‘body’.  Bioenergetics is a somatically based psychotherapy is a form of therapy that works with helping you connect your conscious awareness to the physiological feelings states that are held in your body, hence the phrase somatic relational psychotherapy.  This is an incredibly fascinating body of work (no pun intended!) that has in fact also been developing since the 1930’s, when Huxley’s book came out!

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