The Dark Soul

Dark Soul Heart, by Ingrid Cryns

Dark Soul Heart
by Ingrid Cryns

Wondering where the light is? The Dark Soul is the other side of life that we all want to avoid, distract, dissociate from, numb out or just plain ignore. And here is where you will find the richer parts of you.  Yes, sometimes it is a bit of a confusing, muddy, sticky and stinky swamp in there!  Or maybe there is a really painful bit of deep grief or scary abandonment feelings, or held back, repressed anger, or please don’t go there, a deep well of never ending shame!

The wholeness of your being is in embracing both the dark and light aspects of yourself.  Most of us want to only think of ourselves in a positive light; where we are only successful, kind, generous, with great relationships and good health.  But the reality of it is a much more complex picture.  Our personality has an Ego that wants to only see things that are flattering and deny things that are shameful or painful. The truth is that when we can make friends with our dark side, or our shadow self as Carl Jung would call it, we paradoxically become more whole in our being, and more whole in our soul!

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