Modern Bioenergetics 2

Modern Bioenergetics Series: Part 2 of 3 The Polyvagal System More recently, Modern Bioenergetics has been integrating how to work with the polyvagal system over the past several years. Based on the profound work of Dr. Stephen Porges[1], the polyvagal … Continue reading

Modern Bioenergetics 1

Modern Bioenergetics: Part 1 of 3 Neuroscience, Relational Therapy, and Trauma Understanding the relationships between the body and mind in current neuroscience theories teaches us that healing through the right brain and body awareness accesses healing on a deeper and more … Continue reading

What Is Bioenergetics or Somatic Relational Psychotherapy?

Welcome to Building Soul! You might be asking… Soma – what?  You may recall this term from the name of the drink that was used to put masses of people into a subdued and controllable altered state in the book, … Continue reading


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Process Group Registration Form

Building Soul Events Process Group Registration Form Please print and fill out this form, return it by email or fax below along with proof of payment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.                                 … Continue reading

The Magic of Deep Healing

But to access even deeper healing levels of our mind, we also need to include the body and energetic awareness that is often found in a more spiritual understanding of life. Bioenergetics is the form of body psychotherapy that works with understanding how the emotional history is held in the body – even if you have no memory of any story, your body absolutely holds it in some form. Through body movement, posture and stance, even dis-ease, the body has its own wisdom and body language that you can listen to and learn to understand the deeper messages that it can offer to you. This is the way through and beyond simple talk therapy that cuts through the circles that can keep you in a re-run looping that sometimes never ends. Continue reading

15 Tips to Living Wisely in These Auspicious Times! – Part 2, The Final 8

Although we appear to be living in a crazy time of great change which is often perceived as fearful or detrimental, you can also learn how to navigate through change with a positive attitude. A crisis can also be an opportunity to change or shift something into a better or healthier way of being. It is a choice to learn how to take a challenging or even an intense, crazy making experience, into an auspicious deep, soul learning moment. Here are the next 8 soul tips to living wisely in these auspicious times. Continue reading