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Healing the Body, Mind and Soul is also deeply inter-related to how we live in our home and how we live in relationship to the land surrounding us and the Earth!

Wild Earth Wisdom is about how to live on Earth in a holistic balance that includes a sacred relationship with Nature.  By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with Nature.  This requires a commitment to evolve our own body/mind/soul relationships within ourselves and with each other, through physical, emotional and spiritual development work. This also requires learning how to live on the land in new forms with healthy, non-toxic and sustainable practices.

soma soul has an educational mandate to help guide the Earth’s inhabitants to live in better and healthier ways on the Earth that is a co-creative relationship of both giving and receiving.  It comprises of public communication venues to promote soma soul WISDOM, such as a Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, Books and Articles, as well as inspiring and experiential teaching workshops and mentorship programs at the soma soul Eco Farm homestead in Zephyr, Ontario.

If you are trying to feel more balance in your body and soul, are healing from a serious illness, or are finding you are highly allergy sensitive to foods, perfumes, pollen, dust or mold, there is much more that could also be affecting your body and mind’s optimal health potential!

A healthy body and mind is also affected by our surrounding spaces or environments.  Have you heard of the term sick building syndrome (also named environmental illness or MCS  – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)?  This was a phrase coined in the 80’s when people began to realize that building materials and systems in offices where creating physical illnesses in people.  Awareness of asbestos toxicity, lead in paints began to be more commonly known to the point that now you need to wear specialized suits and masks to be able to remove them properly without picking up anything harmful to the body while doing so. Bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in paints, sealants, adhesives as well as formaldehyde found in kitchen & bathroom cabinets, furniture and even mattress fire coatings, are just a beginning of becoming aware of what could be making you sick in your house.

Oval Straw Bale House, Designed by Architect, Ingrid Cryns - Earth Soul, Building Soul and Soma Earth

Oval Straw Bale House, Designed by Architect, Ingrid Cryns

Living in a healthy house that can be supportive rather than detrimental to the body and mind can be a great challenge in these times.  So many houses are built with cheap, mass production methods that have had no idea about the long term consequences in terms of its highly toxic effects on the body or even the longer term effects of how it uses up the fossil fuel resources of the earth or how it will be discarded if it is not directly biodegradable.  Many furniture items are built this way as well.  As people’s bodies begin to break down, the awareness of what could be affecting them goes up.  Eventually, awareness of the physical environment becomes another important aspect of how to discern what is healthy and what is not!

These ‘unknown’ toxins can create serious physical problems in the body and even in the mind!  Common body symptoms that can increase significantly are severe allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, sinusitis, respiratory ailments, asthma can be induced or amplified and even cancer can occur. Common mind symptoms are foggy brain, inability to hold a focus, distracted thinking, headaches or migraines and even drowsiness.

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