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Body Wisdom was such an insightful and learning experience. My wife and I had such a profound interaction that it has taken us to the next level of our journey together. Ingrid knows how to turn it on and make the magic work. Her knowledge and love for human development was nurturing and contagious. Ingrid is a gracious teacher and a powerful force, and we can’t wait for our next meeting. Don’t miss your opportunity and sign up for her next workshop. Looking forward to seeing you there.”

– Joe and Savina.

To Register CLICK on the below events:

Transforming Trauma: Safety, Growth & Regeneration   MAY 5 and/or MAY 6, 2018 

Healing Shame: Understanding, Courage & Self Love    JULY 21-22, 2018 

       Joyful Resiliency: Grounding, Clearing & Protection   FALL, 2018 DTB

The following PROCESS GROUPS offer either a one time experience or a commitment of 4 weekends or 9 one day a month.

To Register CLICK on the below events:

Healing Retreats: Bioenergetic Process Groups   APR 21-22, JUNE 23-24, AUG 25-26, OCT 27-28 

Healing Retreats: Wild Earth Wisdom Master’s Group   MAY 12, 1 day/month for 8 months.

Commitment to all 3 workshops (Resiliency, Trauma & Shame) qualify for a 10% discount. Commitment to 2 workshops qualify for a 5% discount. Click here for Registration and discount..

All past and current Building Soul Clients receive an additional 10% discount.  Email for discount code.

Scholarship Discounts Available

We are looking for a couple of people in each workshop who are interested in supporting the work through food prep, set up and take down, etc. You will miss some of the workshop, but you will be able to attend at least 80% of it. This is an application process with the deadline before the first workshop on Friday March 2.  Click here for more info and the Registration process.

Current Building Soul Events: 2018

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Past Events: 2013 – 2017

Deep Resilience

Wise Owl Wisdom

Soul Sisters Wisdom Group

Earth Wisdom Living: Plan Your Dream Retreat

Soul Wisdom Secrets

The Dark Soul of Christmas

Shamanic Visioning: Ecstatic Trance Postures

Calming Chaos: Increasing Resilience with Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm 

Body Wisdom: Listening to the Messages of Your Body


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