A Typical Therapy Session

​Ingrid sitting to receive clients at her home office Coach House building (with a plexiglass protection screen) in Zephyr/Uxbridge Ontario.

​Ingrid sitting to receive clients at her home office Coach House building (with a plexiglass protection screen) in Zephyr/Uxbridge Ontario.

A safe, gentle, non-invasive environment is created that supports emotional healing. Understanding your concerns and hearing your story is how we begin. Finding clues to what may cause your suffering or what you may be curious about can be explored through your sub-conscious by discovering the felt sense of your body awareness, observing micro body movements or emotional body postures, or exploring body awareness exercises. At times I may follow an intuitive impulse, or make a suggestion that will help guide you to discover a deeper, healing, truth.

There are very clear boundaries regarding touch.  Sometimes no physical contact is required and only talking is needed, or one is simply guided by verbal suggestion. Sometimes light hand pressure on a part of the body is offered. Permission is always requested. Touch can also occur through holding the arms, body, with acupressure or tapping on specific areas.  Respectful physical contact can sometimes help to access the emotional or energetic blocks that cause muscle tension found in the body such as in the jaw, head, back, or chest, etc. In a typical session, there are various possibilities of experience such as:

• talking, integrating and/or re-organizing core issues and dysfunctional belief systems

• learning new subtle awareness of the body’s messages through body-mind exercise explorations or through guided meditations

• building resources of positive resiliency skills to support a healthier and more functional life

• releasing and letting go of blocked energy, issues or trauma

• gaining a stronger sense of self and a more grounded, present moment experience of being in the body

• greater self-possession or em-body-ment that will increase your confidence

• getting a sense of your own inner soul, meaning, work and/or life purpose on Earth

• finding a peaceful and loving energy within oneself that feels supportive, consistent and sacred

It can be helpful to wear relaxed, comfortable clothing to a session, but it is not always necessary.

Ingrid offers client-centered counseling, psychotherapy, body and soul healing therapy with individuals, couples or groups. The individual sessions are 55 minutes, couples sessions 85 minutes. Be prepared to fill out paperwork to begin, including questionnaires that can also be emailed to you. Please email for Fee Schedule.

48 hours cancellation notice is required in order to not be charged the full amount for the scheduled session. Cash, cheque, credit card & interac email payments are accepted.

Fees are due at the end of in-person sessions or in advance with video or phone sessions. A receipt can be given if requested. 15 min. telephone interviews are offered at no cost. Please inquire about rates.

Ingrid is available on Mondays afternoons, Tuesdays,  Wednesdays & Thursdays from 12:30 pm – 8 pm, either in-person at her Uxbridge/Newmarket location, by phone or through internet video anywhere in the world!

You may book online a 15 min Complementary Phone or Video Chat, or a 1 hour session at the link below:

Ingrid is also covered under most Insurance Benefits programs, either as a Registered Psychotherapist, or supervised by a Registered Psychologist. 

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