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Office Locations of Ingrid Cryns, Building Soul, Ontario

Toronto Office @ 1352 Bathurst St

Toronto Office @ 1352 Bathurst St

Ingrid of Building Soul Ontario, works out of 3 locations: Toronto downtown (1 Stoplight south of St Clair at Nina St or a 7 min. walk from the St Clair West Subway station) and north east of Newmarket in Zephyr/Uxbridge.

In Toronto the office is located at (click below link for Map location);

Toronto St Clair interior office - Building Soul, Ontario

1352 Bathurst St, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M5R 3H7

Ingrid also works out of her home office on her hobby farm in Zephyr/Uxbridge (near Mount Albert, Ontario), 15 min. north/east of Newmarket.  Location given upon request.

Contact Ingrid Cryns directly for an appointment;

ingrid (a)      (866) 888-7662

Ingrid is currently expanding her practice and is also available for video or phone therapy sessions.

Ingrid is also an Associate of Dalton Associates and has access to supervised psychological services which includes INSURANCE or HEALTH PLAN coverage!

15 min. Complimentary telephone interviews are offered if you have any questions about an initial appointment. 

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