Wise Owl Wisdom:

What is “Wise Owl Wisdom”?


The owl is often thought of as a wise, instinctual being. With the ability to see well in the night, the owl is frequently associated with the ability to see beyond illusion to the true reality. The owl can see and hear what is hidden to most people. When you open yourself up to the wisdom of the wise owl, you become more in tune with your intuitive nature. This makes you more able to make better decisions with greater discernment.

Do you wish you could have a wise elder friend beside you all the time? Someone who you could ask questions to help you make better decisions of what to do in your daily life?  Do you struggle with anxiety? Often find yourself worrying about the future? Do you feel overwhelmed at how to make the best choices for yourself, with too much going on that you can’t think straight anymore?  

Do you want to discover your Wise Owl Wisdom?

How do you increase your own intuitive nature? By developing your right brain communication ability! You’ll also need to develop your body’s sensory awareness. Like a dormant muscle, we all have an ability to learn how to sense beyond the literal physical reality. This enables us to find information and wisdom. This new-found wisdom can guide us to make healthier decisions in our lives. It simply takes awareness of what to do and a bit of practice.

What practices can I use to find this Wise Owl Wisdom?

There are many ancient tools of divination. Pendulums, tarot cards, or the I Ching, are just a few. These can help guide you in making better decisions in your life without being too attached to the outcome. This way of working with information often loosens up the brain to allow new information in. This information can guide you in a direction that may be unexpected and often quite helpful. It is always important to check your body sense feeling when you do this kind of intuitive information seeking, not go against what feels uncomfortable or wrong in your body. The more precise the question, the better the answers will be. It can be very helpful to include a series of precise clearing statements or questions when you begin to make sure you aren’t unconsciously influencing the outcome as well.

You should learn how to use your body’s energy field to get yes or no answers. You can do this through simple muscle testing or with a mental or vibrational pendulum. By doing this, you can work with a number of systems to deepen your inner wisdom. This enables you to listen with greater clarity to what is a better truth for you to follow.

Want to find your Wise Owl Wisdom, but don’t know how?

Guidance in these realms are better when you know how to create sacred space for holy communication with the worlds of spirit that is clear and safe. Simple rituals can be learned that can protect you from any uncertain or unwanted influences. There are a few healthy, grounded rules of engagement with the world of spirit, your body and your deep, unconscious, wise owl self that are very helpful to learn. You can learn about some of these in my book, Home Energetic Balancing, or you can take a workshop or course.

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