Earth Changes Calling Internal Changes

© Muladhara | - EArth Photo HurricaneThe earth, Gaia, is an alive, breathing organism. She is currently going through incredible changes. Physical shifts from the north to south pole axis, to earthquakes, new volcano rumblings, hurricanes and incredible weather changes. The ice cap poles are melting and our sense of stability and reality is changing faster than we know how to deal with. Gaia is awakening into a new level of awareness and she is calling all of us to move with her.

There are energetic forces that come from the stars and planets, and there are energetic forces that come from within the earth itself. Like how our bodies are organized, we have the energetic flow of our soul/spirit incarnating into the density of matter through the energetic flow of our physical body. How they blend is the marriage and dance that makes up our distinctive personality and our unique soul journey.

There have been increasing ‘signs’ of greater physical instability in the world as our earth is shifting. There is also an internal Tsunami wave, inner earthquake reality shifts or unexpectedly intense volcanic emotional eruptions going on in all of our own bodies as our spiritual, emotional & physical beings are intricately interconnected and are changing along with the earth. I have noticed that an unusually larger number of people have gone through dramatic life changes over the past several months,or even years, from moving, to changing jobs, careers, ending relationships, loss of a loved one, and so on. I anticipate more internal body changes along with the earth changes to occur as the earth continues to adjust itself to a new frequency – a finer, more loving, vibration.

You can expect an increase in angry outbursts, odd feelings of despair, sadness or past regressive behaviour that you thought you had dealt with ages ago, as the waves of dark and light move through us from collective macrocosmic levels to our individual micro stories in our bodies and minds. And paradoxically you can also occasionally experience strong feelings of connection, love, gratitude and inexplicable positive shifts where all of a sudden you feel ‘OK’ again. These macrocosmic changes are calling all of us in our individual microcosmic ways to cultivate a stronger and clearer, grounded, inner stillness within in order to be able to navigate through and adjust to all the changes that are swirling around and within us all on multiple levels. Like the eye of a storm, there is always a centre that can be calm. These turbulent times are calling us all to go deeper within, to listen to what is blocking us, holding us back from living in alignment with our genuine truth and fullest possible expression of who we are.

The Earth consists of an etheric layer of energetic grid points & matching earth energy lines, much like how the energy meridians are on our bodies as documented by Chinese medicine. These grid points intersect in many places on the planet. Ancient societies built important ceremonial buildings & temples like enormous sun/star dials on major planetary grid points to mark time or act as a calendar. They would meditate, do healing work, talk to their Gods or try to work with inter-dimensional doorways during specific times of the year when the energy peaks according to the placements of the sun, moon, stars & planets. Often the solstice or equinox times where the most potent energetic moments to create & invite a new shift of energy into this reality.

Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt or the Maya Palace in Yucatan where all built on these principles and were astronomically aligned. The study and interpretation of solar, lunar and stellar alignments found at these ancient monuments is called Archaeoastronomy.

The study of the more subtle forces on the earth found in nature such as energy lay lines, underground water, etc. is called Geomancy. These energies may be accessed by anyone with sensitivity and feels like a tingle in the hands and fingers. Or you can test through kinesiology muscle testing, or with a dowsing rod or pendulum.

It is become urgently clear to me that it is important that we all do what we can to STOP everything in our actions that harm the natural earth and our bodies in any way. Our integrity of action is being called in question in order to be able to move into this higher frequency. It is time to look back into the lessons from the past at how these incredible ‘right-brained’ ancient cultures understood how to listen and live in harmony with nature’s rhythms and the earth’s energetic pulses.

I am calling all of you to become EARTH ACTIVISTS! Create community garden projects. Go camping and develop your own personal, intimate, spiritual connection with nature. Learn from native Indian cultures how to honour & live with nature. Go on an Australian Aboriginal walk about – here! Join the Green party. Eat only local, organic food and don’t buy processed, over packaged food. Recycle everything you can. Reduce your over consumption – from driving your car to the corner store, to living in oversized houses, to buying new fashion outfits every season. Lower your carbon foot print! Simplify your life so that you can walk to work, bike to school, or ride public transit. Invest in solar, wind, geo-thermal, bio-diesel or other natural energy sources.

Explore various dowsing techniques so that you can become sensitive to where the earth energies are in your environment. Pay attention to the rhythms of the seasons. Start planning or attending equinox & solstice celebrations to align your personal body energies with the starts & planets. Build a building as a large sundial so that you can experience with your body and environment your relationship to the cosmos.

Learn how to feel your body and expand your sensory awareness – so that you can feel how your inner rhythms are intricately connected with nature and our earth. Do what you need to do to clear your own energy systems & old emotional wounds so that you can be more grounded and grow into greater wholeness to help us all heal our beloved Earth together.

An experienced Body Psychotherapist since 2001, Ingrid Cryns works with individuals or couples who feel stuck, lost or hopeless, guiding them to heal the separation between their body, mind, soul & the earth through life-changing personal therapy, webinars & workshops. For details see or contact Ingrid at ingrid (at) 866-888-7662

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