Soul Healing – Integration of Body, Mind & Consciousness

'Spirit Woman, Oil Pastel Drawing by Ingrid Cryns'

‘Spirit Woman’, Oil Pastel Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

What is the difference between healing your soul and psychotherapy work? And why would you want to heal your soul at all? Well, soul healing is about working with a broader understanding that embraces the world of spirit and how energy moves through your body and soul. It is also about the integration of your body, spirit & mind consciousness along with a possibly more collective awareness that can transcend a personal sense of self.

Psycho-therapy actually originated as a form of healing (therapy) with the breath of spirit or soul (psyche). Today it is a practice with many different theories that ultimately aims at bringing greater well-being to the individual. It can heal dysfunctional past family relationships, traumatic experiences or help to gain greater confidence or vitality for living. Psychotherapy is also often about talking to someone in a safe space, expressing emotions with someone who can truly see you and reflect back to you a deeper and more authentic truth of who you truly are.

Soul healing work does all that too and is also a more holistic approach that uses the consciousness work and psychodynamic understanding of the mind as well as explores healing at a deeper, core level. Beyond simply prescribing meditation for a surface symptom of depression or anxiety for example, soul work is at times a path that takes greater courage as it requires an ability to cultivate curiosity rather than avoidance, denial, shame or judgment about your past or trauma, to attempt to heal it permanently.

Sometimes this can be done in exploring ways in how the soul exists as an aspect of self that is larger or has a longer term vision that for some people may include past lives, collective or group souls or even how we are inter-connected with the Earth’s soul consciousness. Or, energetic methods may be suggested to create more direct approaches that can be like a kind of short cut intervention to healing. Tapping points on the Chinese meridian lines of the body such as in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Energy Medicine work are some possibilities. Vibrational pendulum dowsing or muscle testing are other methods that can work to access and heal these deeper core levels.

By healing the soul we can transform the pain or suffering of our past into opportunities to grow a deeper soul self. Sometimes these intense challenges can become thresholds to a higher level of soul evolution. Other times, deep peace can be found to pause and noursih the soul. The work is learning how to be more resilient in being able to tolerate or manage the intensity of the darker places, and to continue to be able to finally let them go.

Soul healing is about building and integrating your soul into a greater more comprehensive understanding of yourself so that you can truly live a life that is about your fullest and most optimal thriving potential.

Choose to grow your soul and awaken to your deeper soul self – you will be glad you did, as it brings the greatest freedom to be able to live your most authentic life!

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