The Magic of Deep Healing

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Soul Truth by Ingrid Cryns 

Have you been in talk therapy for several years, going over the same stories over and over again and not feeling like you are really changing? You might be ready for a deeper level of healing that goes beyond mind psychotherapy or solo consciousness work. When the body, energy and the magical world of spiritual healing is included, dramatic shifts in reality and core healing can truly occur.

Talk therapy can be very helpful in allowing you to understand yourself and to integrate what is unconscious, conscious. The more we can be aware of what might be our hidden motives or deep wounds underneath a surface emotion or even a somatized body symptom, the more we are likely to be able to address the core of an issue to heal it permanently.

But to access even deeper healing levels of our mind, we also need to include the body and energetic awareness that is often found in a more spiritual understanding of life. Bioenergetics is the form of body psychotherapy that works with understanding how the emotional history is held in the body – even if you have no memory of any story, your body absolutely holds it in some form. Through body movement, posture and stance, even dis-ease, the body has its own wisdom and body language that you can listen to and learn to understand the deeper messages that it can offer to you. This is the way through and beyond simple talk therapy that cuts through the circles that can keep you in a re-run looping that sometimes never ends.

Working with the body also includes sensitivity to how energy moves through the body, mind and soul. This is the energy moving through the world of spirit, reflected back into and through the body. Energy movement throughout the body that can be understood as in the Eastern healing modalities such as; the Hindu chakra system of the 7 energy centres that move along the spine of the body from the tail bone up and out through the head, or the Chinese system of multiple bands of meridian energy lines that run up and down throughout the body that acupuncture is based on. These Eastern energetic systems have mapped out the profound, inter-connected relationships with the body, mind and life force energy that also can access deep and more permanent levels of core healing. This form of deeper healing can defy left brain logic and may seem like magic at times.

I met with a client the other day who wanted to heal her relationship issues with men. She came in with an awareness of some grief over the loss and longing of what she wanted, and could not feel like she would ever get it. After some discussion, I invited her to amplify her feeling of grief and where she could connect with it in her body. She pointed to her chest area as tears began to moisten her eyes. In Chinese medicine, the lungs are where the body holds grief and where it surrounds her heart; also a place that often carries love, loss and relationship issues.

We both slowed down our breathing and gave space to become fully present and listen to what might show up if she simply stayed with the awareness of this area. I asked her to focus and intensify the feelings in her body here and to follow them as they shifted and changed, trusting what stories or images pop up along the way. This took us on a journey that unexpectedly included some past life, soul awareness on her part, yet also was magically helpful in how it could be understood as a parallel metaphor for what was going on right now in her life. By the end of this session, the client was able to truly let go of something that was partially hidden to her and certainly unconsciously blocking her to a significant aspect of what she wanted to attract in relationship. She felt lighter and more at peace when she left.

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Or book a session and try the current special of a first session at half price, so that you can actually experience if it’s something that might be better for you than straight talk therapy. Go Deeper and Find your unique Soul Truth! You’ll be surprised at how knowledgeable your body actually is, if you can learn how to listen to it!


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