Growing Your Love for your Inner Self: Part 3 of 3

body psychotherapist TorontoThe third of a 3 part series of growing your love for your inner self, see also 9 Ways to Nurture Love for Yourself: Part 1, and Cultivating Your Self-Love: Part 2. This blog is about some simple and practical exercises that can help you to explore what is in your heart and to move the energy through to open it up and allow your own love to expand and grow within;

7. Create Heart Art: Sit down with a piece of paper and some colour pencils, chalk or oil pastels. Close your eyes and feel your heart. Allow the feelings to expand for a minute or two. Imagine that a colour matches your feelings, or a few colours. Open your eyes and select a colour. Start to put shapes and lines to the page of those colours. Let your right brain pick these colours intuitively and continue to feel what your heart would like to express onto the page. Don’t think or try to analyze what you are doing, or try to make it look good. Just let it flow. Let your heart express itself through the colours and shapes.

8. Listen to Heart Love Songs: Take some time out and select a few love songs that open up your heart in some way. Like a meditation practice, consciously notice which songs affect your heart feelings one way or another. Write down and track your feelings with notes that explain these differences and collect a list of your own personal Heart Love Songs that will bring you into specific feeling states. A song for the heart can relax you more deeply, can give you more peace in your heart or perhaps can open your heart, even allowing tears to flow from your eyes. Tears are always a sign that your heart is opening and in that opening, you are also always receiving love from the universe, Source or God.

9. Sound your Heart: Sound is a soul form of heart expression. If you feel comfortable to sing, sing a love song that will allow your heart to feel more deeply. As you are singing, consciously connect with your heart and with an intention to receive the feeling of love at the same time. If your eyes begin to tear up, you will know that your heart is expanding with the love feelings. If you do not know how to sing you can use a technique called sounding. You simply inhale and then, again with conscious intention to receive love, you make sounds that are only one pitch as you exhale for a full breath. The sound you can make is like an ‘om’ meditation sound as you breath out, and, it is actually not necessary to focus on the specific ‘om’ intonations. Although, an ‘om’ sound does resonate on the specific frequency of the heart and works quit well, the heart can also receive other tones, if the mind is included to bring focus with the intent to receive.

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