Cultivating your Self-Love: Part 2 of 3

self loveContinuing from 9 Ways to Nurture Love for Yourself: Part 1, here are a more few ideas that can help you to cultivate your self-love;

4. Commit to Removing the Blocks to Receiving Love:

The nature of love is often about how it gets wounded. A wounded heart can also be a heart that slowly becomes blocked in its ability to receive love. Blocks to the heart, also can block receiving a great vitality and aliveness in how you experience life! And, a blocked heart can create a wall in relationships with friends, work or life in general that reduces your capacity to fully be all that you might desire or dream of. Many people with a wound in their heart will give up in hopelessness or despair that it will never change. But, there is always a choice. You can choose to make a commitment to exploring what might be possible to open up your heart again. What books are there that you can discover that talks about healing a broken heart? What online resources can you find that can open up a new doorway to how to mend the gaping hole of loss in your heart? What professionals can you connect with that can carefully guide you in a safe way to listen to what your heart needs to repair itself? There are many paths and choices to heal the heart. Make a commitment today to begin to choose one of them.

5. Moving Heart Meditation:

Find a quiet and private place to be able to move your body freely. Stand in the middle of the space and close your eyes. Walk a clockwise circle to cast a sacred space for your heart. Focus your mind on your heart for a minute or so. Slowly, allow your body to begin to move to express what your heart might be feeling. If you find that you don’t feel like moving, see if just your little finger wants to move or tilt your head a bit. Small micro movements are just fine. Or large running movements are good too. Outside in nature is also an option to do this kind of body movement work. Let your heart express itself through the silent language of your body. If you like, you can also allow expressive sounds to come out naturally. Not words or songs with words, just sounds that are part of the movements you might make. Do this for a minimum of 3 minutes up to about 20 min. Average 5 – 10 min. Observe with a kind of detachment what story your body might be telling you. When it naturally ends, hold the space with silence and stillness for 30 seconds. Thank with gratitude, your heart and your body when you are done.

6. Invite Spiritual Support to Assist you to Receive Love:

Ask God, the Source, your Higher Self, your angels or spirit guides to help you. Light a candle and pray to them daily to guide you to the right book or person to begin your journey to heal your wounded heart, to learn how to receive love and to love yourself fully and unconditionally. Find an image of your spiritual source of inspiration and create a special alter to hold the energy and intention of this form of support. Creating a physical alter acts as a bridge to help you connect more easily each time to feeling this form of love. Each time you consciously reach out and ask for help, spirit is always there ready to guide you in some form. Even if you might be in a dark space and cannot feel them, they are always there, waiting for you to invite them into your heart and ask for what you need.

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