9 Ways to Nurture Love Within Yourself: Part 1 of 3

nurturing love for yourselfLove is often what we want from others; to feel desired, wanted, without judgment, unconditionally. The thing is, to get that love, it absolutely starts with how much you love and want yourself!  If you don’t love yourself first, you cannot attract anything less than what you have within.  When you can cultivate and develop the love you have for all of you, inside your own heart, you will resonate that quality of love and like a magnet, attract the same from others.  In this 3 part series, we’ll explore 9 ways to nurture love within yourself. Here are 3 techniques to help you amplify and begin to nurture what is in your heart and what you might need to do to grow your own love for yourself.

1. Feel Heart Gratitude:

Consider what you are grateful for.  Gratitude opens and expands the heart.  As you go about your day, notice what you can be grateful for that surrounds you.  Are you grateful for the people who you have in your life that love you? Are you grateful for the abundance of food that you can choose to eat each day?  Can you feel gratitude for the forms of nature that you connect to throughout your day, through a flower in your house or a forest nearby? For each moment of gratitude, stop, take a few breaths in and out to amplify this feeling of gratitude and consciously connect to it to anchor it more deeply in your heart. Also do this if someone compliments you or offers you love in any form.

2. Chose the Courage to Feel your Heart:

In French, the word heart translates as “coeur”, which is the basis of the word courage.  Described from old French as also your innermost feelings, the latin root “cor” is a metaphor for inner strength.  Sometimes, it takes courage to feel your heart when it has been broken or it feels a pain of loss or betrayal.  With gentleness, and sometime guidance from a professional, allowing your heart to receive more, means feeling the first layer of what may have shut it down, closed or hardened it by something in the past.  Finding the courage to feel your heart takes practice and is truly needed in order to receive love into the heart.  Make a choice to feel your heart, even if it is one micro millimeter or second at a time.  If something is blocking your ability to receive love, it will also block your ability to receive relationships, financial stability, physical health and more.  With experienced and caring guidance, choosing to feel love will open up a whole new pathway of receiving on many different levels in your life. One way to start, is to take a day to just choose to feel the courage to receive love into your heart.

3. Give Love with No Expected Returns:

While it may seem a paradox, the actual act of giving love is also a way to receive love. Some people do this unconsciously. They give and give and hope that in the giving, they will get something back in return.  This is where giving can get a little tricky.  Because truly giving love is not about getting, in the end.  When that expectation is built in, there can be great disappointments set up when you don’t get back what you actually need.  The act of giving love needs to be a conscious one of letting go of the need to get something back.  If you truly can give from this place of no expectations, then your heart is in the right frequency of receiving at the same time. This is the strange paradox about it.  It is also how energy healing works too.  In the giving of healing energy, the giver also receives the same frequency.  Giving love is a specific frequency that entrains the heart.  As you give love, you also receive the same love frequency.

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