15 Tips to Living Wisely in These Auspicious Times! – Part 2, The Final 8

click image to enlarge Bronze Body Sculpture  by Ingrid Cryns

click image to enlargeBronze Body Sculpture
by Ingrid Cryns

Continuing from the previous post on 15 tools or tips to Living Wisely, below are the next 8 soul tips to living wisely in these auspicious times.

Although we appear to be living in a crazy time of great change which is often perceived as fearful or detrimental, you can also learn how to navigate through change with a positive attitude.  A crisis can also be an opportunity to change or shift something into a better or healthier way of being.  It is a choice to learn how to take a challenging or even an intense, crazy making experience, into an auspicious deep, soul learning moment.

Many people have a fear of change as can feel uncomfortable at times.  Change can be viewed as an opening to new possibilities. Learning how to cultivate a non-judgemental, gentle and loving curiosity of inquiry that fosters positive growth is a path that can promise profound personal rewards that are body, mind and soul enhancing.

  1. Body/mind integrated therapies – this is very important and profound work for deep healing of core issues and integrating the ‘gap’ between the body and mind into greater congruency;
    1. Bioenergetics (my personal core therapeutic training that is fundamental to being a Body Psychotherapist)
    2. Core Energetics (Similar to Bioenergetics but also including a particular spiritual dimension of the Pathwork Teachings and includes another dimension of the body’s invisible energies & Chakra energy healing)
    3. Somatic Experiencing (very, very good for healing deep, core trauma work – especially for children and large groups)
  2. Any consciousness development, or personal inner therapy work – to meet the dark, negative, shadow self and integrating it with compassion to grow an Authentic Self awareness that includes both the positive and negative aspects of yourself as a complete and whole human being. (This is the soul inquiry healing work that I also do with clients.)
  3. Energetic Interventions – what I call as the types of systems that will re-organize your neural network pathways while you sit rather passively with the practitioner.  The following methods also integrate electronic delivery systems into the work.  I have used both techniques and strongly recommend them as ways to reduce chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustiong, thyroid or hormone issues, high anxiety, fear, excessive hypervigilance or imprinted deep terror in the system;
    1. NMT – Neuromodulation Technique – I have worked with this modality for years to clear many levels of  pernicious synaptic patterns (PSP’s).  A truly fascinating body of work
    2. BioPhoton Therapy – this is a modality that can clear bacterial viruses in one session, is hugely popular in North America as the only thing that will heal Lyme disease and has had a profound affect on bringing back deep fatigue and so much more.  I have had blood tests done before and after that have proven profound and provided lasting changes in my own body that are miraculous to me.
  4. Forest Bathing – Connecting with Nature daily – walks, meditations, sitting by a tree or water
  5. Biogemetry – Biosignatures – Egyptian Feng Shui for the body with sacred geometry shapes
  6. House clearing & protection methods – important to keep your home, as well as your body, energetically clear (including clutter clearing)
    1. EMF protection tool links
    2. soma earth ENERGETIC  SPACE BALANCING [I wrote this book]
    3. Aromatherapy oil diffusers & oils  that are helpful for grounding, such as pine or fir essential oils
    4. Clutter Clearing – keeping your space clear, supports a clear mind
    5. Large grounding stones can be helpful under the bed or the couch such as garnet or obsidian
  7. Vigorous physical exercise – very important for good grounding and reality clearing
    1. Cardio + muscle strengthening at least 3x a week or more, including walking, hiking or biking
    2. Spiritual Grounding – helpful to hold the higher frequencies of spiritual work that can cause distortions of reality if not grounded well into the body
  8. And finally, I also highly recommend the Flower Essence 2014 created by my good friend and collegue, Andrea Mathesion.  The 2014 Essence costs $16 (+ tax & shipping) and can be mailed directly to you; Click Here to Order. Andrea can be found through her website at ravenessences.com or her events/blog.

May you all have the courage to live through your hearts, let go of what no longer aligns with your true soul path and find ways to cultivate an abundance of Joy every day!

I can support you to find ways to get in touch with your un-conscious or shadow self through symbols and dream work interpretation or unique emotional art drawings.  And I can help you to heal the pain of your deeper soul wounds that will create a greater congruency of your body and mind through body psychotherapy. Click on the green contact tab below if you are reading this post on the website and let’s begin to heal your unique soul story together.


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