A New Year: A Sacred Intention Ritual

sacred rituals with candlesStarting a new year, we all want to feel fresh and let go of what might be holding us back.  A new year marks a time to rekindle the desire for new beginnings and set new intentions… perhaps with a sacred ritual.  The winter solstice of Dec 22 marking the shortest day of the year, also marks a kind of death of a cycle; an ending that sets the stage for a rebirth, or where seeds can be planted to grow into new directions.

I like to set an intention for my own personal goals and inspirations at these magical times of year when the solstice or equinox marks a shift in the earth energies.  Although it is more powerful to do this on the energetic surge of the exact day and times of these calendar dates, a day before or after also holds the energy well too.  And, when you miss that, do this whenever it feels right for you. It is always a powerful way of marking and holding a new intention or direction.  It helps significantly to change an old habit if you can mark a new positive intention in a simple ritual.  I find myself doing these a few times a year.  Here is what I like to do and I thought it might be inspiring for some of you to try as well:

A Sacred Intention Ritual

  1. Place 4 candles in a circle (I normally choose tall candles, but anything will do fine.  The same type of candles might also be a bit better. And of course, using beeswax is the most purist).
  2. Light them starting in the East (for new beginnings) and circling around to the south, west & north.
  3. You can declare it as sacred space by stating “I declare this circle and space as sacred and ask that it is protected from all detrimental energies” (this is optional, depending on your needs).
    1. Note: It is also helpful, when doing a ritual like this with candles, that you clear the space that you doing it on and see if there are any other cluttered distractions nearby that you can remove. The clearer it is, the better and more sacred the whole experience becomes.
    2. You can also invite or add spiritual guides, wise elders, etc., at this point if you like too.
    3. Take some time to meditate, to clear your head and inspire focus for your intention for anywhere from 3 min to 20 min or so.
    4. State your Intention;
      1. You may choose to do this alone or with a partner or with a group.  The more people you do it with, the stronger the intention will hold.
      2. If alone, try to state the intention out loud as by stating it with the actions of lips moving and your breath in your body, it makes it more solid in your mind.  And if you can take the time to allow yourself to feel the emotions of what you imagine, it also makes the intent form stronger in your consciousness.
      3. If in a group, take turns talking about specifics of what you intend, want to change or want to attract.
      4. An example of a statement is something like: “I am here now, present and available to receive the clients who need all that I offer, who are a good match with me and who are in balance with what I do”.
      5. Another possibility is to write it down on a piece of paper or adding more specific details.  Burning it safely into a bowl, is also an additional option.
      6. Yet another level to consider that can deepen your experience, is to honestly ask yourself if you feel any blocks to manifesting your intent or receiving it;
        1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and just wait and listen to what shows up in your mind or if your body has a particular physiological response or feeling.
        2. Take a note what it might be, what it felt like in your body and then ask your inner wisdom what to do about clearing it (or ask another for assistance).
        3. You may need to forgive someone or let go of an attachment to something, or….?
    5. Once you feel that it is complete, state that you are closing this sacred space (you can thank the energies that supported you or your guides too at this point).
    6. Finally, you can now blow out the candles!

Please let me know how it works out for you, or how you might have changed it to suit your unique personality or circumstances. I’d love to get your feedback.  These kinds of things should be an organic, flowing process that has some structure to hold the sacred intent, but also has some flexibility to evolve organically and grow as needed.

To let go of the past or old habits is often very hard to do and you can unconsciously block your aspirations to create a new dream or hold a new intention.  This is often harder when you are by yourself and don’t get much time or have support from people who can reflect back to you a more authentic, positive and vibrant you.  Working with a guide can be extremely helpful; with someone who can listen deeply with you in ways that sometimes are not available to you on the surface of an initial inquiry. Please contact me if you would like to find out more.


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