Top 3 Ways to Receive Love During the Christmas Holidays

bigstock-Happy-family-with-shopping-bag-52055461The Christmas Holidays are a time focused on finding the time to buy gifts, arranging the dates of how to get together for family meals and taking some down time to relax.  For many of us, taking in and actually receiving the gift of love can sometimes get lost in the busy-ness of the season.  Here are the top 3 ways that you can consciously focus on to expand your capacity to receive love each day.  This is my holiday gift to you; to offer you a growing heart vocabulary to receive the many facets of love, a day;

1.     Set a Heart Intention To Receive:

Early in the day, set an intention for your heart to receive love. State this intention either in your head, or writing down on a piece of paper that you may like to place in an obvious place like a mirror, or taped to your kitchen cupboard as you walk by, or in your date agenda for the day.  Repeat it like a mantra throughout the day, noticing how it changes your perception of how you experience the day.  A heart-receiving intention can be phrases like; I am a receiver of love. I am love. I am open to feel love in all that I do.  I am a body overflowing with love.  I attract love in all ways…..

2.      Receive Love Through the Doorway of Your Eyes and Hands:

When receiving a gift from a friend or loved one, make a conscious effort to receive their loving gift with deep eye contact and with your hands.  Look into their eyes for a good 10 seconds if you can slow things down and hold their hands or put your hands on sides of their shoulders and take in their desire to show you their love through their gift. Thank them with your words AND take it into your body and consciousness with your eyes and receive them with your hands. Your eyes and hands are the doorways for the energy of your heart soul to receive messages through the medium of your body, to feel and receive the experience of love.

3.     Learn the 5 Love Languages:

There is a book by Gary Chapman called ‘The 5 Love Languages’.  In it, he describes 5 different ways that people either like to give or receive love.  They are though;

1) Words of Affirmation,
2) Acts of Service,
3) Receiving Gifts,
4) Quality Time and
5) Physical Touch or Affection.

Read one of his many books or explore his website and find out in which form the one or maybe two love languages you prefer to receive the experience of love.  You can also find out what your partner or spouse may prefer and learn how to give love more effectively so that it is received more deeply by the other, in the love language that they developed as they grew up.

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Happy Holidays,


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