15 Tools to Living Wisely in These Crazy Times! – Part 1

Soul River of Life Pencil Crayon Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Soul River of Life
Pencil Crayon Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

To live ‘wisely’ in these times, it is important to develop tools that help to ground and centre you for the many dramatic shifts that are occurring around us on a variety of levels – including emotional/spiritual/energetic as well as physical illnesses. To be ‘Resilient’ to these changes, it requires a body and mind to be strongly grounded in this reality while remaining open & flexible to be able to quickly shift or change as required.  Resiliency work is about building up your healing systems and healing team to assist you through difficult times on many different levels. In this 2 part blog series, I will give you 15 tools to help you navigate these crazy times.

Below is what represents the breadth and depth of holistic and healing modalities that I have personally explored and continue to highly recommend. I often still use many of them myself at different times on my own soul work journey. Some of these methods are also regularly included in my webinars, presentations, workshops or group retreats. Here are the first 7 tools to support your soul to grow with courage and clarity;

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  2. Donna Eden’s Energy medicine – is a really great body of work that helps to balance the right and left sides of your body and energy system as well as keep you in a good daily balance and increase resiliency.  I highly recommend to learn how to do the 5 – 10 minute daily routine
    1. 5 minute routine –  Video
    2. triple warmer calming technique – Method 1 & Method 2
    3. Basic Energy Medicine Kit
  3. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – is such a handy self-help tool to immediately shift an intense emotional reaction to something and to help change old habits
    1. Basic Protocol 1Basic Protocol 2 & Basic Protocol 3
    2. Free Google ebook by EFT Founder, Gary Graig – The EFT Manual
    3. for anxiety – Free download – Audio & script
    4. for insomnia – Basic Instructions & Good General Article
  4. Meditation – there are a  very large variety of methods;
    1. Tibetan buddhist forms, teaching heart centered & present moment living;
      1. Shambhala.org
    2. Zen meditation forms.  The following is a more modern influence with integrates western psychology awareness work with voice dialog and Zen Buddhist consciousness work toward enlightenment!
      1. Big Heart, Big Mind – bigmind.org
    3. Hindu meditation forms
      1. Sahaja Yoga – great free online video courses are very helpful here
    4. Shamanic journeying forms
    5. Guided audio and/or visual meditation forms
    6. Walking meditation
    7. Body felt sense tracking
  5. YOGA, YOGA, YOGA – I can’t say enough about the importance of stretching and strengthening the body slowly and carefully through the various forms of yoga.  My personal favourites are Moshka & Hatha forms, but there are many others that are also very good
  6. Tong Ren – is a fascinating long distance healing method
  7. Access Consciousness – wonderful consciousness clearing and inspiring work

I can support you to find ways to get in touch with your un-conscious or shadow self through symbols and dream work interpretation or unique emotional art drawings.  And I can help you to heal the pain of your deeper soul wounds that will create a greater congruency of your body and mind through body psychotherapy. Click on the green contact tab below to the right and let’s begin to heal your unique soul story together!

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