Co-creating The New Emerging Masculine!

Masculine Feminie Soul - Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Masculine Feminine Soul – Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Awakening to mankind’s responsibility to heal the inner wound of our collective wounded masculine, also heals the wounded relationship with the feminine.  As we all learn how to relate differently in a way that is more inclusive, this paradoxically allows more individuality to co-exist.  With a commitment to our personal growth, together we are co-creating the new emerging masculine.

Like the need for bio-diversity to strengthen the resilience of inter-dependent micro systems on the planet, our collective need to learn how to operate in a way that includes an ability to respond and support all of our needs – men, women, children, elders, plants, animals, water and more!  We can ultimately also shift our profound and primary relationship with the Earth.

Mankind has been operating for centuries in a way that is about the dominion and rape – of women, of other countries, of cultures and ultimately of the land as well. Our world is dangerously out of balance.  Global warning is our current daily reality.  The future is here now!

But there is also a form of beauty in the current chaos as the old structure, that no longer serve us are falling apart.  Many are looking for a new direction and greater understanding of where we are all going.  What are the guideposts of this new emerging masculine, we are all wondering?

We need the masculine aspect within all of us for the swift, decisive action to follow through on this new direction. And we need the feminine insight, intuition and relational embrace to guide us with the proper focus. We need a respectful, dynamic blending of both.  The new emerging masculine is being co-created daily within all of us. We need men – and women – to stand and protect our inter-dependent relationships and the very earth that we stand on!

The image above is an intuitive drawing that I created years ago. I draw sometimes as a kind of meditative  doodling, with no plan beforehand of what I’m doing. After it was completed, I was astonished at what it taught me.  It shows a man standing with a wise elder wizards cloak. His mind radiates and connects with the sun energy. The feminine is within him, guiding him with her central connection to source. Her yoni connects to the earth energy.  Together, they create an inner marriage of blessed union within the soul. 

A commitment to shifting your inner world to integrate the new emerging masculine and feminine energies is where it all begins;

“Having a commitment to one’s personal growth, being vulnerable, honoring women, and cultivating compassion for others. Using sexuality to create more intimacy, seeing men as allies not competition, radical self awareness and honesty. The new masculine includes ‘not being unapologetic for being a man’, for some it may include having a tough edge but doing it with a depth of loving behind it.”  Zat Baraka 

This commitment is about how we can evolve together, through interaction, engagement, dialogue and more to more compassionate and levels of awareness. Rohan Narse talks about how what is needed in a man is someone who embodies three distinct qualities of consciousness:

“The first is that he, by his being and expression, allows for those around him to feel safe and included. The second is that although he is directional and powerful when needed, he is one who holds the space for the feminine and her wisdom to be expressed. The third is that he is aware of who he is being and is in turn, ready to wake up to higher levels of consciousness.” – Rohan Narse

We may not always remember what is the right thing to do.  But we can go back, apologize and fix our mistakes.  We might stumble, fall, get lost for awhile.  But we can pick ourselves up, ask for help and find our way again.  We can lean on each other a little more and ask questions what the other might want or need.  We can include each other in our decision making process.   Together, we can co-create the new emerging masculine!

“We need manifestos for men of the Light to follow now, because it is vital that they stand up and realize their true worth and value in the advancing New Age. Awake Women do not want to batter men, criticize them, punish them, or shut their hearts and bodies down to them. Whole Women WANT men: their unwavering hard presence, their rock solid actions, their warrior hearts, their dynamic, pursuing energy” ~ Sophie Bashford

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