A New Masculine is Emerging: Is this in you?

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The New Emerging Masculine – A man who is heart-centred, more intuitive and deeply connected with Nature | Blog by Ingrid Cryns © June 2015

In celebration of Father’s Day this month as well as the sun energy of Summer Solstice yesterday, I have been thinking about the men in my life. It is a time to honour the healthy masculine in all of us. I have begun to notice a shift in the world and have caught glimpses of a new masculine emerging and growing amongst us.

For years, I have seen many distorted forms of the masculine. One form is through dysfunctional corporation structures that continue to operate in an increasing chaos that doesn’t make a lot of sense any more.  Organizations like FIFA world soccer is falling apart due to the financial greed of its leaders, or the Canadian Armed Forces, who are struggling with its internal sexual discrimination, harassment or abuse issues.

I’ve heard many stories in the news or from my clients of corporate organizations, school boards and police forces full of corruption, mismanagement or abuse within its power structures. The financial power structures of many countries seem to be falling apart as well. Let alone, all the men who have emotionally or physically abused their children, who are mentally ill-at-ease, or who have abandoned or neglected their spouses or kids. It’s really a mess out there and much of it is based on a controlling, competitive, male dominated power or hierarchical structure that is supposed to support its individual members, but actually doesn’t seem to at all.

Not only is the masculine aspect in men only, it exists as well in the inner psyche of women too.  Our left brain and right side of the body holds our masculine qualities.  These qualities can appear in our psyche as distinct aspects such as:

doing, linear/hierarchical logical thinking, giving, organizing sequentially, swift decisive action, passionate, protection, freedom, discipline, direction, dominant, aggression, hard, strong, competitive and independent.

These inner aspects can also be more detailed and divided into positive or negative qualities. What I’ve suggested here can start to give you an idea of how to find these qualities within yourself that are more masculine.

In contrast, the right brain and left side of the body holds more of our feminine aspects, such as:

being, circular/creative thinking, receiving, nurturing, empathic, sensual, affectionate, patient, surrendering, emotional, accepting, soft, sensitive, passive and relational.

Men and women, naturally have varying amounts of both masculine and feminine qualities within. There are men who are more feminine and soft and there are women who are more masculine and assertive.  There are gay men who are very logical, passionate and competitive. There are lesbian women who are very strong, assertive and dominant. It’s a continuous dance how we all learn how to find the perfect balance within of the ultimate marriage of our inner male and female psyche. The growing edge for all of us is how we evolve as a species to find a way to live with greater love and compassion within our own hearts and in relationship with each other – and in our inner masculine and feminine balance.

And yet, we all also have collective or more archetypal qualities that we share that is clear when we look at the macro level of the masculine at how wounded we all are with the state of the world these days. Some classic masculine archetypes are;

The King, the Sage, the Warrior, the Hunter, the Lover, the Wild man, the Hero, the Adventurer or the Rebel.

Some more modern male archetypes can be found in movies stars such as;

John Wayne as the Adventurer, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Warrior, or Hugh Grant as the Lover.

The men’s movement has been growing and shifting, in response to the women’s movement since the 1980’s.  Men such as Robert Moore, Bill Kauth, Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Dagonet Dewr and David Deida are all profound contributors to the ideas of the new emerging masculine.

More recently, Zat Baraka has begun to teach about the new masculine in LA, USA through webinars, workshops and men’s groups.  He walks his talk on what the new masculine is about;

“Men have been taught since a young age how to be or act. The old masculine paradigm teaches men to fear introspection, intimacy, and repress their emotions. And so as we age and begin to face impermanence, we are often forced to look at the way in which we have been operating. We often find ourselves confused, making decisions from a place of fear rather than an open heart and our intuition.

Many men seeking individual coaching or personal development want the same things. They wish to embody more confidence, to be more fully present with their partners and children, to feel more sexually empowered, to have more skill in dealing with anger, shame and fear. Many men want to have a deeper connection to their sacred spirituality, to live a life of their making; a life in which their work is aligned with their purpose and mission. Ultimately [men] want to live a more heart-centered life, while maintaining their deep, grounded and ballsy masculine expression.”

This article is Part 1 of a series of 3 and continues in Part 2 & 3

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