Transforming the Negative Mother into the Divine and Earth Mothers

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Transforming the Negative Mother into the Divine and Earth Mothers heals not only our inner world, but also heals the planet at the same time! When you can learn and integrate the many positive Mother archetypes through a new bonding relationship with a therapist, you can begin to develop fresh neural network pathways of consistent, loving connections.  As you learn how to grow a consistent loving connection within yourself, you develop a capacity to unconditionally love yourself – no matter what happens.  This is what slowly heals and transforms the negative mother within. It also changes how you will relate to others and as we all heal and transform our primary relationship with our inner mothers, the earth’s balance will also change and heal.

Practicing meditative prayers to more spiritual, positive mother archetypes can also begin to replace the negative mother imprint within you.

Positive Mother Archetypes, are the loving nurturer, the caregiver, the wise grandmother, or the mother martyr.  They are found also in the positive side of Isis from Egypt, the Madonna , Mother Mary of Christianity, Kwan Yin from China, Lakshmi from China, and of course, Mother Earth or Gaia, as some call her.

Isis was often seen as a moon goddess.  She personified the dark, intuitive, wisdom of the feminine and is often depicted with a headdress of a moon above her head.  She also embodied both the positive aspects of maiden, mother and crone with creativity, birth and new beginnings. She holds both the light and dark aspects in balance within her.

You can invite a positive mother archetype, such as Isis or Lakshmi, by quietly sitting in front of a candle.  Light the candle and state your invitation and meditate for several minutes.  Wait until you feel a quiet stillness within and then ask for specific help or support to heal your issues.  You can create a small altar with images or statues of your archetype, to help you hold the new positive mother that you want to grow within you.

When women learn how to reclaim their essential feminine goddess self, they can expand in their awareness of what a consistent, all-loving, nurturing, supportive guide they can evolve into within themselves.  And men can learn how to change that too within their own inner feminine nature.  Both men and women can work together in relationship to grow a healthier and more respected feminine aspect so that they can begin to listen and communicate more deeply to what is really needed to heal each other.

This deeper level of relating in both giving and receiving to each other, is what will also heal the world at the same time! Transforming your relationship with your Negative Mother within can also change how you relate to others, as well as with the Earth.  Our Earth Mother, Gaia, has been deeply wounded for a very long time, as collectively, we have lost how to relate to her with respect and balance for her authentic needs.  As we open up to the unmet needs of our negative mother within, we find a new story can be written that includes a profoundly deeper level of listening and relationship that can be so ultimately satisfying.

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