Deep Resilience (Part 2)

Deep Resilience teaches us how to Spring Back Gracefully from Anything!

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The art of ‘Deep Resilience’ is knowing what you can do and what you need to do on a daily basis to hold your own stability and grounded balance. It allows you to flourish and thrive in today’s challenging environment. It enables you to gracefully spring back from anything!  It truly is harder to feel calm and grounded these days. This is because the ground is actually losing its own magnetic charge! This is due to the toxicity of electromagnetic pollution through cell phone and internet tower frequency waves.

This means that we have to be:

  • More physical in our bodies.
  • More connected to our muscles and physical strength.
  • More connected to our own energetic activity.

We must consciously learn practices that support the holding of focus and calm in our minds. This will enable us to handle the increasing intensity and information overload that is coming at us.

We also have to use our minds and develop our consciousness to purposely choose to do things differently. We must pull out of the trend to ignore or deny what is going on. The trend to do less, let go of more, say NO more often. Instead we should take care of how to maintain our own inner equilibrium.

There are a variety of methods to help regulate your body and balance it on a daily basis. These can be easily learned!

  • You can practice energy medicine exercises that consciously regulate and balance the body’s energy systems.
  • You can try using essential oils to enhance some of these practices.
  • Listen to relaxing music or music that is specifically designed to enhance a more meditative state.
  • Or you can do a daily spiritual ritual that enhances your sense of wholeness.
  • And you can improve your physical strength and stamina through a committed daily exercise practice.

There are many more tools and techniques that can be explored that are very simple to do, once you understand and practice them a few times.

It is essential that you begin to integrate some of these practices in order to be able to hold your balance in these crazy times!  You can start simply by choosing to watch TV only 3 times a week. You can spend those other times:

  • Reading.
  • Playing with your kids or pets.
  • Do art or a craft.
  • Listen to music or spend time outside in Nature.
  • Or consciously take off one day a week or a month and choose to do absolutely nothing! Let the day be whatever you want it to be, without any plans, but whatever gives you joy!

The world is changing very quickly and you have to be pro-active and learn how to change with it too. You have to choose to change! If not, it will be forced on you and you won’t be prepared how to bounce back from it.  We all need to learn what we need to do to handle these changes.  That’s what ‘Deep Resilience’ is all about!  It then becomes a realistic and more conscious choice. Choosing a life that encourages more connection with the earth, animals and people. A connection that slows down what you can do and supports a more balanced lifestyle on all levels.

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