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2013 golden age fireworks picInner and Outer Energetic Shifts 2013

We continue to move through the shifts of these intensely auspicious times. December 2012’s energetic shift prophesied as the end of the world, was in truth the beginning point of a collective shift of consciousness. The old order is showing signs of collapse all around us.  As we are all inter-connected collectively, we are all affected by this growing chaos on some level.  I can experience it at times as a deep, underlying tension or old fears in my body, a need to let go of levels of ancient grief in my system and a huge desire to be part of various grassroots movements to create a newer, utopian reality.  There is the organic food, slow food, tiny house, occupy and homesteading movements to just name a few. A continuing firmer commitment to grow a new reality based on self-sufficient living in harmony with doing no harm with the earth any more.  Living and building only with materials that support deep ecology principles and growing food in my back yard or choosing to buy locally as much as possible to support and encourage my local communities to become more resilient.

A Gateway Energy Shift, March 28, 2013

Some of the Mayan calendar prophets state that March 28, 2013 is another gateway date that  marks the end of the 52 year cycle of the planet Venus of the beginning of the next 5000 year cycle of the fifth sun.  Maya Elder Don Alejandro has stated;

On March 31, 2013 the sun will be hidden for a period of 60-70 hours and this is when we shall enter the period of the Fifth Sun.”

“What I see in the world today as a Mayan, and like any other indigenous person in the world, I see our planet cover(ed) in a veil of sadness……Our main interest is to stop pollution and contamination so that there can be life for all beings on Earth.”

I have found from a number of different sources of this concept of the earth going through a few days of darkness as it shifts and adjusts itself towards a new planetary alignment. This could also be a form of metaphor describing a large collective consciousness shift.  Trust the flow and make space for things to change with minimal resistance is always the calmer path through these sometimes confusing energetic shifts.

As we are all affected vibrationally by the frequencies of all the planets and stars, it is no surprise that there is a growing disorganization occurring in the world on both macro cosmic as well as microcosmic levels – all supporting a longer process of re-organization into (in my opinion) a more beautiful  harmonious order that will be in greater balance, abundant and nourishing support for all of life on the planet.  Where we were dominated in an expression of dynamic yang or masculine energy, we are fully shifting into a greater harmony and balance of the beingness and stillness of yin or feminine energy.

Unbalanced Masculine Energy

Do you notice how time is oddly speeding up?  A day goes by and it feels like only a few hours.  A few days go by and it feels hard to remember what you did last week as it feels like a month ago.  Or that you are starting to limit what you do, read or take on because you find yourself with that familiar feeling of overwhelm again and you need to just stop and shut down things for awhile and do nothing?  That intensity of activity of action, doing, is the masculine energy pushing the universe along.  Without the balance of the feminine energy to pause, consider, be, it becomes distorted and ungrounded.

A distorted masculine aspect is like becoming a single minded point of focus that has little awareness or tolerance of other people or other forms or versions of reality, or differences.  Like a shooting star or comet, this force will eventually burn out and and fall apart.  Without the base, foundation and beauty of the feminine energy to surround it and create space or peace in the heart, the masculine energy alone, without the feminine balance,  is destined to burn out into a super nova.  Perhaps, it can re-form into a different level of consciousness.  These expressions are often a dance of expansion out and contraction in.  There will be times when you will feel a kind of delirious expansion of intense information or creativity for you to process and then when that shooting star push of expansion runs its course without firm feminine grounding it can go into a kind of compression density collapsing in contrast.  These are common expressions of these times of shifting changes.  Do not be alarmed.  Simply observe, name the process or stage you are in the spiral of transformation and find a place of respite for yourself.  Retreat, connect with love (to yourself or intimate others) and learn to hold space for a new inner stillness. Trust the shifts, and learn how to deeply trust that the final outcome will be truly beneficial for all.

A New Masculine & Feminine Dance of Balance

We are all collectively learning how to reform our individual consciousness to balance this masculine and feminine dance within ourselves – along side the macro cosmic universe’s dance.  Be aware of how you follow your old stories of what is fearful for you.  What do you need to do to choose to live in trust with the flow of the universe?  How can you surrender and let go of the old, dysfunctional forms of living and choose actions that are in support of the feminine energy of a collective balance that will nourish all rather than only one or a few?  How can you consciously focus to hold onto more positive intent? How can you make conscious choices in your every day life to take responsibility for your microcosmic piece of this grand opera drama of these profound universe shifts?

Here are a few suggestions that I offer:

  • Nourish yourself with as much calm rest and sleep as you need.  These times seem to invite levels or waves of exhaustion in people and it is important to recognize this pattern or potential as early as you can and manage it with healthy habits of more time out to do ‘nothing’.  This also means not falling asleep with the TV on  and turn off any wireless internet or your cell phones as the electromagnetic waves activates and over stimulates the pineal gland which is a significant part of deep sleep and the importance of dreaming to nourish your imagination and creativity during the day.  It also includes minimizing watching news on TV as the content can be overstimulating in your unconscious dreaming state.  Ensure that you have solid darkness in your room with no street lights coming in through the windows.  Get a black out blind if necessary.  Also ensure that you have no clock radios, cell phones or electrical outlets by your head as all of these man-made electromagnetic currents will disturb your natural circadian rhythms.
  • Slow down, find ways to take time out.  Reduce your commitments. Recognize that perhaps your anxieties or fears may be unconsciously causing you to want to speed up too much. Spend time cleaning up, clearing up old physical or perhaps emotional clutter, getting better organized.  Take the time to simply your life.  Prepare yourself for the creative pulse that the Spring will encourage to burst through!  With this deeper winter that we have been experiencing in Canada, the deeper energies of the earth will sprout up with greater intensity and passion.  Create awareness and space to prepare to be able to move with this new rhythm and flow.
  • Cultivate methods to bring yourself into your heart.  If don’t understand that or do not have experience or know what this means, then join a meditation group that focuses on spending time with being present in your body to know peace or equanimity in the heart centre of your body.  Learn how to stay present to your thoughts and emotions, know how to name precisely what constant issue, theme or feeling is coming into your being and how to navigate yourself through until you come back to centre in your heart.  This is not something that will happen immediately, but over time, you can learn how to come back with conscious intent.  It’s all about choosing to come back and be in your heart, no matter what external crises may be occurring around you.
  • Take (self) responsibility to do the hard, inner work of knowing yourself, your unconscious issues and what you need to do to create better balance within.  When finding old issues repeatedly come up for you, simply say ” I allow myself to release this” and follow, notice the kinesthetic details of your body feelings as you stay with the intent to let go. It may not happen instantly, but with repeated intent, it certainly will loosen it’s unconscious grip, create more space and eventually dissipate. Find an integrative therapist, coach or healer who can guide you well through multiple levels of awareness – and make sure they have a strong body awareness in their work so that it is not mainly cognitive or spiritual.  Check out my blog here on ‘Living Wisely‘ for more detailed tips.
  • Cultivate body awareness exercises, physical strengthening exercises,  cardio toning and yoga kinds of disciplines.  All of this will help you to manage the intensity of mental overwhelm and increasing emotional intensity that these shift frequencies are continuously stimulating and help to keep you grounded and sane through these auspicious times. At least for an hour a day if not more.  We need to change our rhythms to include more of this grounding in our physical bodies to hold the balance that our bodies truly need.
  • Start to learn how to live a life that is self-sufficient, both internally with your emotional body as well as externally with how you feed and shelter yourself.  You can control those local individual choices and if all of us start to do this, the world will change deeply into greater harmony and balance.

This is but a beginning to address these many levels.  I encourage you to email me with comments and suggestions that we can share and grow oyfully with together into greater balance with the earth!


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