Feeling Betrayed: Part 2 – How to Heal a Broken Heart

Leaking Grieving Heart,Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Leaking Grieving Heart,
Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Following on from my previous post – Feeling Betrayed: The Experience of Deception, in this blog we’ll talk about how to heal a broken heart.

The way to heal a betrayal experience is to first give yourself permission to fully feel your rage. Take the time to physically express it through your body with strong physical movement of your arms or legs or both.  Swinging a bat against a bed, swinging a stick against a concrete wall or a large tree in a forest, kicking a punching bag or stomping your feet up and down on the earth are all healthy ways to move the energy of anger through your body.  And, the more you can express your rage with your voice as well, such as through screaming or growling, the better as it will help move the energy through your body and out of your system.

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Feeling Betrayed: Part 1 – The Experience of Deception

Broken Betrayed Heart,
Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

I met a woman on the weekend and I was moved by how angry and intense she sounded.  I listened to her story until I saw why her soul was expressing its outrage.  She had been following her dream and after 4 years, now she is almost bankrupt.  She had experienced deception and felt deeply betrayed, and I saw how her heart was achingly breaking.  She had dreamed of becoming a farmer with no background or experience in it. She cashed out her city life and moved into the rural country to make a go of it.  In the end, she realized how completely unsupported the farmers are by the government and how many of them, including herself, are working so, so hard and are still losing money. Many of them are living on the poverty line.

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The Soul – Speaks in the Poetic Language of the Senses

SOUL Drawing - Oil Pastel by Ingrid Cryns

SOUL Drawing
Oil Pastel
by Ingrid Cryns

Our senses are how we take in and receive the world; through our eyes (sight), our ears (sound), our touch (hands or skin), our smell (nose) and our taste (tongue/mouth).  Our body’s senses are also how we can find clues as to the distinct characteristics of our soul. Our body may be experienced as the medium of a painter’s pallet on the canvas of the soul.  Or, the depth of meaning through a poet’s expression of words can be seen as a window into the soul. The soul speaks in the colourful and poetic language of our body’s multiple senses.

Not only is our body able to teach us information about what we may like or dislike through our senses, it also has a unique quality of combining two or more senses together to cross-reference clues as to what is good or healthy for us or what is something we should be warned about to stay away from.  This can sometimes be understood as a ‘sixth’ sense! That intangible quality that we can’t put our finger on ‘why’ we might not feel comfortable about something. However, our body is giving us that ‘gut’ instinct feeling to protect us from something. Learning how to decode these messages and how to listen to them in ways to empower yourself is what the work of Building SOUL is all about.

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