Soul Healing – Integration of Body, Mind & Consciousness

'Spirit Woman, Oil Pastel Drawing by Ingrid Cryns'

‘Spirit Woman’, Oil Pastel Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

What is the difference between healing your soul and psychotherapy work? And why would you want to heal your soul at all? Well, soul healing is about working with a broader understanding that embraces the world of spirit and how energy moves through your body and soul. It is also about the integration of your body, spirit & mind consciousness along with a possibly more collective awareness that can transcend a personal sense of self.

Psycho-therapy actually originated as a form of healing (therapy) with the breath of spirit or soul (psyche). Today it is a practice with many different theories that ultimately aims at bringing greater well-being to the individual. It can heal dysfunctional past family relationships, traumatic experiences or help to gain greater confidence or vitality for living. Psychotherapy is also often about talking to someone in a safe space, expressing emotions with someone who can truly see you and reflect back to you a deeper and more authentic truth of who you truly are.
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The Magic of Deep Healing

click image to enlarge Soul Truth by Ingrid Cryns

click image to enlarge
Soul Truth by Ingrid Cryns 

Have you been in talk therapy for several years, going over the same stories over and over again and not feeling like you are really changing? You might be ready for a deeper level of healing that goes beyond mind psychotherapy or solo consciousness work. When the body, energy and the magical world of spiritual healing is included, dramatic shifts in reality and core healing can truly occur.

Talk therapy can be very helpful in allowing you to understand yourself and to integrate what is unconscious, conscious. The more we can be aware of what might be our hidden motives or deep wounds underneath a surface emotion or even a somatized body symptom, the more we are likely to be able to address the core of an issue to heal it permanently.

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The Soul – Speaks in the Poetic Language of the Senses

SOUL Drawing - Oil Pastel by Ingrid Cryns

SOUL Drawing
Oil Pastel
by Ingrid Cryns

Our senses are how we take in and receive the world; through our eyes (sight), our ears (sound), our touch (hands or skin), our smell (nose) and our taste (tongue/mouth).  Our body’s senses are also how we can find clues as to the distinct characteristics of our soul. Our body may be experienced as the medium of a painter’s pallet on the canvas of the soul.  Or, the depth of meaning through a poet’s expression of words can be seen as a window into the soul. The soul speaks in the colourful and poetic language of our body’s multiple senses.

Not only is our body able to teach us information about what we may like or dislike through our senses, it also has a unique quality of combining two or more senses together to cross-reference clues as to what is good or healthy for us or what is something we should be warned about to stay away from.  This can sometimes be understood as a ‘sixth’ sense! That intangible quality that we can’t put our finger on ‘why’ we might not feel comfortable about something. However, our body is giving us that ‘gut’ instinct feeling to protect us from something. Learning how to decode these messages and how to listen to them in ways to empower yourself is what the work of Building SOUL is all about.

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The Soul – Essence of Life Force Within Us

Masculine Feminine SOUL - Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Masculine Feminine SOUL
Drawing by Ingrid Cryns

Dictionaries often define the soul as an intangible quality within, an essence of your life force energy. It is a highly critical component of your being, without which, if not properly nourished, understood, or responded to, can create mental or physical illness and possibly even death.

In 1907 in an effort to prove a material existence of the soul in the body, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverville, Massachusetts, USA, did an experiment and weighed 6 patients during the various stages of their terminal illness.  He weighed each body before, during & immediately at the point of death.  He reported a measurement about three quarter’s of an ounce or 21.3 grams, as the consciousness, the soul essence, left the body.

The soul has a direct inter-relationship with thought, words, will, emotions, feelings and action.  We can’t see it or touch it as by its very nature, it is invisible.  It is the glue that holds us together and also fuels the life force energy of our aliveness & vitality.   It is reflected in our being as an emotional, animating & passionate aspect.   Music, art, poetry all capture the emotional, right brain, more feminine aspect AND our soul nature.

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What Is Bioenergetics or Somatic Relational Psychotherapy?

Reich BookWelcome to Building Soul! You might be asking… Soma – what?  You may recall this term from the name of the drink that was used to put masses of people into a subdued and controllable altered state in the book, “Brave New World ” (1931) by Aldous Huxley.

The actual origins of the term ‘soma’ is from the Greek or Latin root of the word ‘body’.  Bioenergetics is a somatically based psychotherapy is a form of therapy that works with helping you connect your conscious awareness to the physiological feelings states that are held in your body, hence the phrase somatic relational psychotherapy.  This is an incredibly fascinating body of work (no pun intended!) that has in fact also been developing since the 1930’s, when Huxley’s book came out!

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