Soul Healing Psychotherapy

“What is always speaking silently is the body.”

Ingrid Cryns offers a specialized form of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul Healing psychotherapy, virtually anywhere in the world, as well as locally, in-person, in Newmarket/Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

As a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO #005579), a Clinical Member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (OSP) and a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT), Ingrid works with the body and mind in a way that includes listening to your body’s innate wisdom. She also teaches how to enhance your own intuition and authentic soul-self connection. She creates a nurturing and safe space where you can grow into a more peaceful and inspiring human being!

You will gain greater self-acceptance, grow a deeper understanding of yourself, learn how to resolve your core issues and create more satisfying relationships.  With supportive feedback, you will learn new tools and techniques to hold your balance better, enhance your focus and increase your daily vitality!

Body, Mind & Soul Healing Psychotherapy is for:

  • Women, men or couples who may feel they have lost their ‘way’ or are suffering from a deep psychic or emotional wound.
  • People who are in a crises or some form of conflict.
  • Those that feel stuck, despair or hopeless.

Ingrid can guide you to find your true soul essence and grounded authentic self. This form of body / soul healing and psycho-therapeutic inquiry can support you if you experience;

  • Stress. A difficult life transition. Or a critical illness.
  • Challenging relationships or communication problems.
  • Self-esteem or self-image issues.
  • Emotional or physical abuse.
  • Depression, grief or loss.
  • Despair, hopeless or stuck.
  • Fear, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Difficulty to feel love, joy or pleasure.
  • Addictions or shame.
  • Accessing or managing anger, or affect regulation.
  • Healthy boundary development or how to say ‘No’.
  • Emotional or physical trauma. PTSD symptoms.
  • Disconnected or confused spirituality issues.

Ingrid is also covered under most Health Insurance Benefits programs, either as a Registered Psychotherapist, or supervised by a Registered Psychologist. 

    ‘Spirit Woman, Oil Pastel Drawing by Ingrid Cryns’

This approach is particularly effective for those who have an unusual spiritual emergency and need significant body grounding. It has also been very helpful for those who have experienced emotional or physical trauma (PTSD). These experiences often leave no clear memories of an incident, but substantial trauma body symptoms.

“I also work well with other therapists or energy practitioners, who need support to work at a deeper level of healing. A level beyond talk therapy; addressing core, soul issues.”

Ingrid works collaboratively with a multi-modal approach, personalized to each client’s unique needs. Her approach includes;

  • Bioenergetic Analysis and body-based Relational or Shock Trauma work.
  • Psychodrama, Gestalt, Jungian Dream & Archetypal work.
  • Transpersonal, Shamanic, Sound Healing or Altered States of Consciousness work.

Ingrid works without bias or judgment towards gender, race, age, religion, cultural or sexual orientation. She is also LGBTQ friendly.

Bioenergetic’s is a body-based, somatic, relational form of psychotherapy.

Bioenergetic Therapy.  This body-oriented psychotherapy, focuses on both the psychological issues presented and the manifestation of these issues. These are shown in the individual’s body, energy and movement. The verbal work focuses on an examination of an individual’s:

    • Past. Dreams.
    • Associations.
    • Current behaviours.

It seeks to help the individual gain greater understanding and awareness of old patterns of action & reaction. It will also enlarge the capacity to tolerate and resolve old pain. On top of this, it increases the ability to experience pleasure and connection in living. This results in feeling connected to oneself, to others and to one’s natural environment.

Bioenergetic Therapy includes character analysis. This is the background ‘structure’ that is used to facilitate and support the body process. This form of body / mind / soul healing work encourages the re-organization of past dysfunctional and stuck patterns. These will instead become healthy new ways of living and loving one self and others. This is achieved through the co-creation of a new healing relationship with the therapist.

Through the co-creation of a new healing relationship with the therapist, this form of body / mind / soul healing work encourages the re-organization of past dysfunctional and stuck patterns into healthy new ways of living and loving one self and others.

“Nature is an important part of my own, personal spirituality. It teaches me many lessons about awe, gratitude and respect. This gives me a deeper purpose of being. I understand how inter-dependent we are as human beings with the earth and what grounding our bodies and our sense of self in this reality truly means.”  – Ingrid Cryns.


Ingrid has been described as having a style that “helps you to feel safe to go to very deep places. She has a style that is gentle and empowering, with an amazing ability to truly listen empathically.”

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